Incredibly Frustrated

During my routine 9:45 AM call to my sister she mentioned that I had received an envelop that looked like it could potentially be my W2s. In my complete and utter excitement I told her to rip the envelop open so she could confirm right then and there. She confirmed that in fact it was my w2’s. I have not felt that sense of relief, happiness, and excitement in such a long time. My happiness level was a solid 10/10 in that moment! I told her I would literally run out of my office right on time to go pick up the paperwork and immediately drop it off with my income tax lady. No matter what the amount of my refund is, it is going to make a hell of a positive difference for my next couple weeks/months.

My work day ended and I RUSHED to my sisters house, picked up the envelop and drove straight to the income tax office.  Mind you I decided to skip on the gym to make sure I got to the tax office before it closed. I LOVE going to the gym, so skipping out on it is a huge sacrifice for me. I pull up to the parking space and decide to take a look at my W2s just to make sure all looks good. I notice it looks completely wrong. I definitely made way more gross income than was indicated. My freaking W2s are filled with errors, and therefore I cannot file my taxes. Not only can I not file them right then and there, I have to reach out to my payroll contact, figure out whats wrong, and get them to correct it.  God knows how much longer that is going to make this whole process and I needed that return yesterday!

Has this ever happened to you? Was the process as complicated as I imagine it will be? Help!

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