Weekly Spending Recap

I will be tracking my expenses weekly.  Every Sunday while my friends our out on their 5th or 6th Mimosa, I will be here, at home….sipping my free tap water, while telling you about every single penny that left my hand for the week. I will follow the bullet list with a reflection on the week. This, in an attempt to have complete transparency, and also curb my spending and get out of debt as soon as possible. Lets get started.

Monday, January 15th

  • $0.00 No Spend Day

Tuesday, January 16th

  • $1.29 Itunes (Troye Sivan)

Wednesday, January 17th

  • $20.05 (Sisters Gym)
  • $34.00 (Non Sufficient Funds Fee for above expense)

Thursday, January 18

  • $6.10 (Gummi Bears for a Co Worker)

Friday, January 19

  • $146.49 – Parking Ticket
  • $107.00- Credit Card Payment

Saturday, January 20th

  • $32.64 – GAS
  • $21.52 – Groceries (Made dinner with family)
  • $16.54 – Z Fabrique (Crystals and Palo Santo for a friend in need)
  • $276.68 – Loan Payment

Sunday, January 21

$0.00- No Spend Day

This week I spent $662.31. Since I have never tracked weekly spending before, I have nothing to compare it to, but it seems high, very high. What makes me so incredibly mad is that 27% of those expenses went to what I can only call “stupid spending.” That $146.49 parking ticket was from that time I parked in my sisters driveway but half my car was out of the driveway and blocked the sidewalk. Since I was driving a complimentary loaner from my dealer while my car was being fixed, I turned a blind eye and pretended I did not see the then $70.00 ticket – hoping the dealer wouldn’t bother to track me down. Well financial karma came back and bit me in the tush. Not only did they find me, but they charged me twice as much as the original ticket. When you are living paycheck to paycheck like I currently am, stupid spending like this is entirely unacceptable. The second stupid spending of the week was the non sufficient fee for my sisters gym. Being the very kind brother that I am, I offered to pay for my sisters gym membership fee years ago. I do not regret doing this, she deserves this and more. The part I do regret is never noticing what date that membership fee runs through my account. This was the ONLY expense I did not have neatly written in my calendar, and it is the one that ruined me! Now – I currently have one more “stupid spending” expense that is going to hit me within the next few weeks. This is for the toll road that I took to Laguna Beach. But after that one, I declare I will never have another “stupid spending” expense again, Ever Again. I simply cant afford them.

58% of my expenses went directly to my debt repayment, and that I am proud of! However I do want to make sure to increase this as much as possible every week. With regards to all other  expenses, I don’t regret any of them.  But if I want to be more frugal, I could have eliminated some of the expenses go forward.  I need to have more “No Spend” days. Especially on Saturdays!



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