Blonde Inspiration

My previous post details my aha moment, or more so – that moment I went so far deep the rabbit hole of debt, I had no where else to run. Since then I have been working really hard on keeping track of my expenses, and doing whatever it takes to only get by on cold hard cash. I’ve spent a lot of time saying no to friends, and consequently a lot of lonely nights at home. Last night, was no exception. After turning down my roommate’s invitation to go to the neighborhood bar for a night cap, I was online and stumbled upon an article on Refinery 29 on personal finances written by Cait Flanders ( I will link it below). After diving into the article, it led me to her blog, Blonde on a Budget which she started in 2011. (I will like that below as well)

Her blog chronicles her journey out of a similar situation ($29,000 of Credit Card Debt). Can i just say I instantly became OBSESSED with the blog. Since discovering it last night, I have read through almost 14 months of posts, and am looking forward to reading the rest. I feel like I am not ALONE in this debt recovery journey! Someone has gone through this and SURVIVED! There is a light at the end of the tunnel – and although I might not get there for a few years, I will get there eventually. And most importantly I will do this on my own. If Cait did it, so can I!

I love Cait’s writing style, I love her advice, I love how honest it is, comical at times, inspiring at all times. I love the sense of community she developed with her followers through the comment threads. I mean it inspired me instantly to start this blog. And I want it to be completely clear, my blog is inspired by Cait and her journey on Blonde on a Budget.

What I hope to achieve in writing this blog, is twofold. (1) I would like to incorporate some of the techniques Cait used and in a very similar fashion – primarily being her weekly spending recaps and her monthly budgets, to keep myself accountable and get myself out of debt and (2) Practice my own writing skills. I mean I am already spending so much free time at home, might as well start a hobby and sharpen these writing skills!



Refinery 29 Article:

Blonde on A Budget:




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